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Financial Business Services

Structured Tax offers a wide range of business, consulting, private wealth and compliance services to our clients. Our goal is to ensure that we support our clients to fulfill their ongoing business and personal financial objectives.

Taxation Advisory

Our taxation services are structured to ensure that you achieve the aim of paying no more tax than you need to, and to provide support services to assist with your tax returns, calculations and payments.

Grants & Incentives

Your business may have means to benefit from additional government funding. The Federal and State Governments have implemented schemes to support businesses in the best interest of the Nation. Your business’ activities can be partly or substantially funded.

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Our Services

Our tax accountants can save you money and manage your tax concerns. Advice for every stage of your business and how to increase efficiency, competitiveness and profitability.


Industry Expertise

Our experts have specialist expertise and experience in several key industry areas. We have clients from small to medium enterprises, large private company groups, not-for-profit entities, subsidiaries of international companies, publicly listed companies and high net worth individuals, including market leaders in many sectors of Australian and New Zealand business. 


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